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August 28, 2011

Judging by the rain lashing our windows this morning, it would seem that the leading edge of Hurricane Irene has finally reached Massachusetts.  Our larder is stocked, water stored in every spare pot, and We still have power.   In fact, we managed to brew fresh tea and coffee this morning, and we have a loaf of emergency bread baking in the oven.  We expect things to get worse through the morning and into the afternoon, but hardly as bad as we feared earlier this week.

But what a week it has been.  The house shook beneath our feet on Tuesday, just as Elizabeth learnt over twitter that an earthquake had shaken DC only moments before. And through twitter, we struggled to understand the tragedy unfolding for the citizens of Tripoli as the conflict in Libya erupted in the capital, while a very different type of protest continues to take shape in Syria – both crises that carry significant implications for the region.  Our hearts broke when we heard the United Nations house in Abuja had been attacked, while this week, people from at least five countries in the Horn of Africa struggle to get through one of the worst famines in living memory.

We’re so grateful for what we have, and fortunate to live where we do–hurricanes and earthquakes notwithstanding.  And as we cozy-up for the storm, our thoughts are with our friends and fellow members of the human family facing down much greater challenges elsewhere–in Haiti, the Mid-Atlantic, Damascus, Mogadishu, Dadaab and beyond.


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