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letting summer linger.

August 24, 2011

Well. It’s been a very full several days.

We canned, canned and canned some more, with our table now nearly covered in jars of tomato sauce, ketchup, peach salsa, ginger peach jam, pickles, peaches in syrup and more, and plans for more to come!

Christopher brewed a pale ale and a beautiful Scottish Ale, and will take on a second batch tomorrow, followed by a stout – all perfect fall beers.

We’ve been glued to our radio and computers, watching every moment of the Libyan revolution that we can, engaged in constant conversation on what it will mean for our careers (I study new governments, while Christopher performs aid work in emergency settings) for Syria, for China, for the US, for the world and, most importantly, for the Libyan people.

I put in a sizable order for yarn with Quince and Co. (sizable for me, at least, aknitter of only seven months) with holiday gifts (really? yes.) on the brain.

All the while we’re at the stove or hooked to the BBC or out brewing on the driveway or even driving to work, we’re beginning to see the signs that summer is slipping away and transition is ahead. The sun no longer wakes me early, the squash vines are starting to stretch, our work schedules are beginning to heat up and there are even a few bright red and yellow leaves scattered on the walkways.

So tonight and last night with the prospect of plenty of rainy evenings and days to spend indoors this weekend, we’re trying to savor every summer second we can. We’re eating tomato sandwiches, sitting outside until the bugs get the better of us, lingering at the farm where we pick up our CSA and enjoying bike rides into town.


p.s. For the first time ever, our little blog received over 100 visitors in one day today – 150 to be precise! I know that’s small in the blog world, but it feels momentous to us. Thanks, folks. We’re enjoying the conversation.

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