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bean bag update

July 7, 2011

Dear Interwebs,

I’m happy to report that the bean bags Elizabeth manufactured last week were successfully delivered to little baby Cedar and his parents.  They’re a little heavy for his little hands, but he seemed to like them–all three spent time in his mouth.

I’m also happy to report that I’ve made it back safe and sound, if a little more ragged than usual.   Start to finish, I think it took me two days to get from western Massachusetts to Cambodia–and the jet lag left me sleepless for the first of two weeks on the ground.  As my first foray into Southeast Asia, and to Cambodia specifically, it’s a pity I couldn’t experience it with Elizabeth at my side, to curate the journey, so to speak.  I am, however, grateful to debrief with her, to make sense of the things I saw, people I met, and peculiarities of this particular place–and to reflect on how this region shaped her perspectives on how the world works.

I suspect that some of my reflections will work themselves out in these pages in the coming days.  For now, I leave you with one marvel–On the morning of July 3rd, I somehow saw the sun rise twice.  First, over Japan on my approach to Seoul (Land of the Rising Sun, indeed), followed a few hours later over the Canadian rockies, just as we passed from British Columbia to Alberta and the first hints of the great prairie. Each stunning in their own right, but together, suggests to me that time travel is possible.


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