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bean bags abroad.

June 23, 2011

One of pities of my not going to Cambodia this week is missing a chance to meet two of Christopher’s dear college friends who now live in Phnom Penh and their sweet new baby boy.

Since I couldn’t make the trip, I decided I’d better send along some special goodies along. I went through my stack of New Yorkers and picked out some great issues (knowing how I always crave good reading while abroad), tucked a rubber ducky for baby’s tubby time into Christopher’s suitcase (which had me singing this all day), and then decided to include something handmade, too.

Last year, I began following Kristina’s blog Lovely Morning, where I love watching her learn and master new crafty skills. Her forays into sewing finally inspired me to buy my own machine, not really for the super complicated things (though I look forward to a future with homemade quilts and Halloween costumes), but for the simple things for which it’s really silly to pay. Trying to decide what to make (and realizing that a knitted sweater probably wasn’t the right thing for a wee one in the tropics), I remembered Kristina’s simple improvised bean bags and decided they were perfect for a growing, playing little baby abroad.

Aren’t they sweet? Filled with rice and and made out of fabric leftover from our wedding bunting.

I wish I could deliver them myself, but am happy to have sent some special things along for friends-to-be and their bouncing boy.

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