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A proper introduction.

April 22, 2011

In the last week, Christopher brewed a new batch of beer, made friends with our new farmer neighbors and was involved in wrapping up humanitarian aid projects in South Asia and Central Africa. Liz baked bread and prepared some homemade gifts for a friend while writing her dissertation on the UN and humanitarian response. We selected garden seeds and checked in with friends in Sudan. We made a dinner of couscous and veg and anticipated when we can next travel to the Caucasus.

We’ve had long conversations about building our raised bed garden this weekend and the arrival of asparagus season, and even more about the recent revelations about Greg Mortensen’s outrageous failings with CAI and the ongoing revolutions in the Middle East. We’ve listened to NPR broadcasts on historic American gardens and interviews with war photographers whose work we’ve revered for years.

Such is our life our here in rural Massachusetts. We’re foodies and gardeners, in love with local food, with the area’s small towns, farms and walking paths. Our beloved work often takes us overseas to places just as rich in food, culture and community, though likely struggling with some crisis which necessitates aid.

Our passion for a small and sustainable life meets our passion for adventurous travel and meaningful work and we often find connections between the two. This blog is meant to be a place for us to explore those connections. Some posts may focus on our home life while others will reflect on what’s happening overseas. Some will tie together the threads that go between.

We’re excited to begin this new project and to bring our conversations onto this blog. Welcome.

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